Sumba island is home to the Indonesia’s vastest savanna landscape. It was dry season when we visited Sumba at 10-15 July 2018, so we saw beautiful golden grass covered the island. Feel like a dream to see it.

Sunset drop on the savanna & beach

The Sumba’s handwoven is one of the best in the world. It uses NATURAL DYES with a unique megalithic motives. It’s an ECOLOGICAL & hygienic activities except takes longer time to make it (6-12 months for 1 piece).

People from around the world come to Sumba just to hunt this handwoven. Why don’t us? 😊

Do you want to join me using handwoven in the savanna?

Fortunately we were invited to participate in a unique fashion show. It was in the middle of TRADITIONAL MARKET to honor people of Melolo Sumba as the producers of the handwoven. We collaborated with locals to be models using the Melolo handwoven.

What do you think of us covering by Sumba’s handwoven as couple? 😊

Not only savanna, we also found beautiful beaches & waterfalls in Sumba. Last July we had a trip to Mariso Beach, Watu Parunu Beach & Palopo Waterfall.

Don’t forget to choose living with these nice people in natural traditional village. Feel their culture & hospitality.

Praijing Traditional Village

David Beckham and family just visited Sumba Island this August & stayed at Nihi Sumba. So why don’t us? 😉 Our dream to play in savanna, riding the horse, use the authentic handwoven were accomplished here.

Lucky us visited Sumba in July because we can see the famous “1001 Sandalwood Festival & Parade”. It was featured 1001 Sumba horses with their riders wearing various colorful traditional costumes originating from all across Sumba Island.

So, what do you think about Sumba? Is it beautiful? If you want to visit Sumba, we recommended some travel providers: Kakaban Trip, Ransel Usang or Adventure Festival.

Thanks for following our story 🙏. See you in the next story. Keep sharing in Steller guys 😊 Juniwulan Dewi Permaining Tyas

If you don’t have time to visit Sumba but you are dying to have Sumba’s handwoven, we recommended these authentic contact person: Echa Pahikung, Dian Oerip

Photos by Sunu family, except page 29 by mba Siwi. Video by Dian Oerip who invited us to Sumba. Thanks to you mba Dian. #stellerid #sumba #travel #travelphotography #places #handwoven #savanna #indonesia #jelajahindonesia #jelajahtanahumba