DAVID LUSK GALLERY | MEMPHIS ANNE SIEMS feral EXHIBITION: 04 sep - 13 oct OPENING: fri 07 - sep, 6-8pm

Feral: adjective: feral (especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication. synonyms: wild, untamed, untamable, undomesticated, untrained, fierce antonyms: tame, pet

“This show follows on the heels of my last show which was motivated by the “#metoo” movement, and concerned itself in particular with the developments around the unveiling of women’s repression (the #metoo and #timesup sentiment).”

“For several years I’ve been thinking about letting go of shame around sexuality and nakedness, and by contrast moving into the strength of girl power and womanhood. This has led me right into the work for FERAL in which I am inspired by a new sense of feminism -- a place of wildness, unconcerned with dictates of the fashion industry, the ideas of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like, the letting go of rules about body size, and the embrace of women of all color.”

“In FERAL the young girls and women are stepping forward to be viewed in both their vulnerability and strength. They have nothing to hide. They can be both soft and strong. They can be themselves.”

“In my work I try to be as honest and true to myself as I can without losing discernment. I aim as best as I can for sincerity, intimacy and openness in my paintings. In them I find the beginning of something that touches the universal. It is a place where others can touch the magic and sensuality that gets exposed in the process.”

“I think deep inside of us lives a longing to experience a sense of 'falling in love'. A visceral experience without words. For that to happen, this place needs to be free of irony, social commentary or conceptual humor. I am looking in my work to find the point in which we feel a certain ache – the ache caused by the knowledge that life is full of light and dark, sacred and profane, beauty and ugliness, life and death.”

Anne Siems was born and raised in Berlin and lives and works in Seattle. She attended the University of the South in Tennessee under a Fulbright Scholarship and completed her MFA at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin. Her work has been shown in a myriad of exhibitions in galleries and institutions in New York, Berlin, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles, among other cities.

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