I where I’ve found and hold time I

The Maltese archipelago was an enormous surprise to me. In 3 days we explored a little bit of Malta, including Valletta, Birgu, one of the Three Cities, and Marsaxlokk, a fishermen village on the coast, before moving to Gozo, the second largest island. I was impressed by the colors, history, people, culture and the beauty of these coastal villages with earth’s tones.

| V a l l e t t a |

The European capital of culture for this year is a mixture of old and new. The beautiful, ancient theater in the city, renovated by Renzo Piano, has been brought back to life. In Malta new turns to old, and old turns to new. The colorful balconies (where you can easily spot a local observing passengers), the narrow alleys, which always lead to the sea, old cafes selling the famous Pastizzi for breakfast and the views you get from the highest part of the city keep stories and the history of Valletta.

We stayed outside the capital city, in Birgu, also known as Vittoriosa, one of the Three Cities around Valletta. We got there by ferry: as I started walking in the alleys I felt like I knew that place since ever and like I had gone there every single summer in the past. Also there was a feast: they were celebrating St Lawrence. We walked through lights, banners, met people who where dancing, singing, praying and giving thanks.

You truly meet an important part of the Maltese culture only if you get lost in one of the harbors of the island. We traveled to Marsaxlokk, a village known for the good food, first of all, but also for the fishery and its harbor: in the last part of the afternoon this place becomes a painting of local fishermen’s life. We walked slowly between Maltese boats (the ones with eyes painted on the bow), observed fishermen ready to leave, preparing their boats, and tried to understand their words.

In Malta I felt that rare and beautiful feeling of having and holding time. In this island that didn’t exist in the past, and that is going to not exist in the future.


farewell, island of time

S P O T S: Valletta - Parliament House (Renzo Piano) - Upper Barrakka Gardens - Cafe Cordina Birgu (or Vittoriosa) - alleys, harbor and 2 great restaurants (Osteria Ve, Tal Petut) Marsaxlokk