Obidos is a classic Portuguese fortified town and is one of the most picturesque locations in Portugal. Obidos exudes Portuguese charm from the narrow cobbled streets, from the painted houses, to the imposing medieval castle that once protected the region.

Obidos is one of the most characteristic villages of Portugal, which has managed to keep intact its picturesque medieval charm over the course of time. It is no coincidence that it is declared Unesco Heritage due to its perfect state of preservation.

La Ginja

Sweet based on sour cherries, sugar, water and cinnamon. Its peculiarity is to be served in a glass of chocolate. And then, "com ela ou sem ela", the sour cherry in the cup! The history of ginja originates from Óbidos, where the best black cherries of Portugal grow. The idea was of a Benedictine friar who, in 1800, initially created ginjinha as a medical remedy.

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  • havwoods

    Hi Enzo, great story. Perfect pictures. The lower tower on page 12 i had the scare of my life. Nearly fell off. It was slippery, i was wearing slippery shoes and all alone early in the morning.

  • richardbangs

    Now I am pining for La Ginja...can you find it in the US?

  • enzograsso

    @havwoods yes, it’s dangerous, but the village is very nice.

  • enzograsso

    @richardbangs I don’t know. Ginja is very good 😋