I LOVE the West Coast of Australia for a lot of reasons but reason number one, with a bullet, is that sunset is better than sunrise! No early mornings! 😂🌞 I recently visited Australia’s North West for a conference and was lucky enough to pick up some photography work in Broome and Karratha while I was in the area. Two epic regions; The Kimberley and the Pilbara. 😍

I flew into Broome and a lot of people will be interested to hear that flight prices have recently (finally) dropped from Perth to Broome! ✈️ If you’re lucky you’ll spot some views like this as you fly in!

Broome is a classic Aussie bucket list destination and the gateway to the Kimberley, my favorite region in Oz. (I know, I say that about all the regions 😂) I did all the classic Broome activities ...

Broome to-do list: Beer at Matso’s ✔️ Drool over pearls ✔️ Sunset at Cable Beach ✔️ Scenic Helicopter ✔️ Gantheaume Point ✔️ Sunset over the water ✔️ Lunch at The Aarli ✔️ In fact, if you’re going to Broome you can just write all of that down because they are must-do’s. 📸👉🏻

From Broome we actually drove down to Karratha, it’s an easy 8 hour drive which we covered in 2 hour shifts between the 2 of us. (Best way to do road trips, trust me!) I had a few days spare before I took of my photographer cap and put on my business cap at the Pilbara Business Bootcamp. I made those days count!

Karratha is widely known as a mining town and doesn’t attract many tourists for that reason. I’m hopefully here to change that, I LOVED Karratha!

The two coolest things that I did: 1) Cultural Tour with Clinton of Ngurrangga Tours 2) Scenic Helicopter with Heli Spirit 🚁

Clinton’s Cultural Tour taught me more about Australian Aboriginals than the sum of my previous experiences. It was incredible! I believe that all Australians, and visitors to our shores, should do something like this to educate themselves. We don’t want to lose this knowledge of the land, this culture.

My scenic flight was eye opening! Did you know that Karratha is nearby to the Dampier Archipelago? No big deal, just 42 Islands and 150 beaches that are all practically uninhabited save for some local beach shacks and a plethora of wildlife! The views from the air are 😱😱😱!

If you’re not keen on heights you can see the Archipelago with old mate Brad from “Discovery Cruising”. 🛥

Basically, best time ever! If you haven’t been already now is definitely the time to visit Australia’s North West. And if I haven’t given you enough drool worthy reasons why you can also check them out on Instagram! www.instagram.com/australiasnorthwest


  • anjparmar

    Amazing Lauren!

  • leehorbachewski

    Incredible. Will be checking out everything you’ve suggested. Thanks again Laura!

  • leehorbachewski

    Lauren I have a question. My original road trip plan involved going from Port Hedland to Karijini. After reading this and doing some research I’m wondering if I should go to Karratha instead and continue on to Exmouth from there. Thoughts? Would really appreciate your feedback.

  • AndreaGulickx

    Beautiful story Lauren.