a paradise in the east

... it was not long ago when my beautiful daughter and I decided to go out to a diffrerent place .. a trip to Flores island for three nights at sea, beaching and hiking got our attention .. a wonderful and unforgettable break we enjoyed very much .. an interesting brief story-in-pictures to share ❀️ #outdoors #beach #landscape #destination #places #bucketlist #dreams #stellerstories #epixtrip #stellerid #travelphotography #travel #adventure #epiXtrip

β€œlive in harmony with nature - beauties are yours”

< ivi >

arriving with a connecting flight we soon embarked into a small boat and heading to a small island with white sands enjoying the beach, swimming, snorkeling dan diving .. sailing to next islands in the day and get get more excitments ..

nothing more exciting then sailing between islands using small boat under wonderful weather

enjoying what she loves .. (courtesy: Agung)

approaching the pink beach to feel the sand ..

spending nights on the boat at nowhere islands - .. then sunrise after early morning hiking to the top .. such a great feeling

standing at top of Padar island looking down from where we climbed up.. really paying off ..

spoiling the eyes and enjoying the cool breeze .. our world is simply wonderful πŸ•Ί

looking down view at the nearby island

eyes of komodo .. get closer to admire God’s creations

.. and simply floating and closing eyes inside the Rangko cave for feeling grateful

until next trip .. 😊