Frozen yogurt popsicle

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In the summer when it's hot, it's often not known how to prepare because we do not want to light the oven. It's hot so even the house will heat up too much ... The cold desserts are a great alternative. You can easily solve the situation by making a cream with low-fat yogurt, working with honey and adding some cookies and fresh fruit such as this recipe in my blog, when I made a cup with low-fat yogurt and red fruit.

A new fashion started last year. That is that of frozen yogurt. Basically the yogurt-based ice cream without adding milk or cream. The frozen yogurt is made foamy during processing by assembling it by incorporating air. For today's recipe I decided to make a dessert with low-fat yogurt. I love the combined yogurt and fresh fruit. For this dessert I used blueberries that are one of my favorite fruits.

British and the American popsicle. You understood what I did, an icicle with frozen yogurt and blueberries. A very healthy dessert with little added sugar, with lots of fresh fruit and very light lean yogurt so as not to have a sweet caloric. What do you think? Have you ever made them? The same preparation for these icicles today if put in the ice cream machine can become a tasty ice cream that I would serve with some fresh blueberries on it.

Or you can use this mixture without adding water to have breakfast in the morning with cereals. In summer it is also nice to prepare cups. Both fresh fruit and other types of ingredients. The same preparation for ice lollies can be used as a base for a dessert cup, here is the fourth variant, along with crumbled biscuits. If you do not like blueberries you can do the same with peaches or other seasonal fruit.

Ingredients: 500g of blueberries 250g of low-fat yogurt 25g of powdered sugar 50ml of water Direct link here

How to do: Blend the blueberries. Add the powdered sugar. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and add the low-fat yogurt. Extend the mixture with water. Fill the icicle molds. Shake them to prevent air bubbles from forming. Insert the stick and store the molds in the freezer for at least 24 hours. Sipateli and your frozen yogurt popsicles are ready.

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