“when pictures spoil a business trip”


“ it was in late may 2018 when i got a chance to attend an energy forum for few days in Copenhagen, Denmark... .. found bright daylight time was much longer then the darkness of the days .. Copenhagen is a city i had wanted to see .. so taking few pictures were great way to enjoy the days that happen to be sunny days after long months of cold freezing period”

day one

.. was lucky enough to get a room in the interesting area ...relaxing behind the Admiral hotel facing the bay .. a great time for a glass ..

Nyvahn (New Harbour) is a 17th-century waterfront canal - brightly coloured townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants - most attractive place for tourists to visit

landmark of the city

crowds of local communities spend the weekend along the canal ..

when morning wake up call was followed by a nice view from the window ... beautiful sun rise

walking along the shopping area for finding coffee ..

view on a drive out from Copenhagen ..

guarding ... a nice moment later that day, a lady came to say hello to the guard, her son !

it was the early days when sun shining after a long windy and freezing months .. enjoying the sun was the perfect response

.. enjoys the huge space for gaming on the gadget ..

the followings look better in IR mode ...

IR image of pedestrian walking early morning

a long trip from home but worth doing with the pictures #stellerstories #action #adventure #travel #places #cities #outdoors #epixtrip #streetphotography #stellerverse