resilient paradise

Indonesia is a big part of the Steller community, so the Lombok earthquakes have shook us all.

but the spirit and beat of life here cannot be buried

no matter the darkness, there is always a new morning

the forces of creation. destruction, and preservation have a whirling dynamic interaction


paradise can't exist without trial

but the soil and soul of lombok are volcanic and rich.

the archipelago is the cockpit of the ring of fire

but nothing can snuff the flames of promise here

and always to the future he looks

how you can help

in the short term, donate to one of the causes here: https://www.bustle.com/p/how-to-help-lombok-indonesia-earthquake-victims-as-the-island-recovers-10001905

in the longer run, come visit this felicity, as tourism is what makes this mote thrive.

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