Cinque Terre

An Italian Masterpiece

Cinque Terre, or "5 lands" is a small area in the Genoa Region of the Italian Riviera. The area is full of some of the most stunning views through out Europe that will take you through vineyards, cliffs overlooking rugged coastlines and of course the 5 ancient and picturesque fishing villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is the most Northern of the 5 towns as well as the largest and most popular as it is home to the only "true" beach

The "Old Town" has some very interesting streets and buildings

The best view of the "Old Town" can be seen from the famous hiking path, "Sentiero Azurro"


Vernazza, the next of the 5 towns, sits beautifully in the sea with its unique shape and harbor

All of the streets through out Cinque Terre are beautiful, but Vernazza has some of the best

Vernazza can best be appreciated from above. This can be seen from a pathway that leads up to a church and cemetery in the back of the town. Not many people see this view, as it is a very peaceful spot to truly enjoy the town


Corniglia is the middle town of the fab five, and sits high up on the top of a cliff

A beautiful, but challenging hike into the town from nearby Vernazza is a must do when visiting

To truly appreciate how amazing this town is, the best views come from the sea


Manarola, perhaps the most famous of the towns, sits waterside with its colorful houses

Manarola has one of the best harbors for swimming and has many easily accessible trails to enjoy the surrounding scenery

A unique view can be seen from above the town along the vineyards. A perfect spot where you will not be bothered by the large crowds


Riomaggiore, the last town, has a beautiful "V" shaped harbor surrounded by colorful buildings

Don't miss the sunsets!

The best view is seen from the sea wall that protects the harbor. You have to climb many rocks to get there, which makes it difficult. But, the views are worth it

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