Santa Rosa

An adventure in Ventura, CA

The Channel Islands

If I am completely honest, I had no idea the Channel Islands existed when @VisitVentura invited me to spend a long weekend on Santa Rosa. It didn't take long to learn what I'd been missing. The islands are spectacular and, together, they form Channel Islands National Park.

Stunning Hikes

When I think of island getaways, I picture time on the beach. But Santa Rosa is a hiker's destination, with trails leading all over the diverse island. I hiked nearly 25km per day, only crossed paths with a handful of people, and discovered some truly stunning landscapes.

Epic Coasts

While I might consider Santa Rosa a hiker's destination, it does have plenty of stunning sandy beaches and rugged coastlines to explore. My routine was simple, hike in the mornings, spend the afternoon cooling off in the refreshing Pacific waters.

Conservation Success

The island fox is an endemic species and, until recently, a combination of ranching, development and evasive species left it endangered of going extinct. Recently, a captive breeding project has reestablished the fox and created a stable population!

I never expected to find such raw wilderness in Southern California. After just four days on Santa Rosa Island, I left longing for more! It's an easy ferry ride from Ventura, California, and a surreal weekend camping trip for anyone looking for a unique experience! The best part is its wide open throughout the entire year, too, so it's possible to visit in January or July!

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