Alausí - Ecuador

The Devil's Nose train ride

In 1908 the first train which linked Guayaquil city and the capital Quito had started to work.

The greatest obstacle in the construction of the railway was a near-vertical wall of rock.

That was known as "la nariz del diablo" the Evil's Nose en English.

The imponent rock was a really obstacle for connecting the coast and highlands regions.

The solution was to carve a series of tight zigzags out of the rock.

It allows the train to climb 800m at a gradient of 1-in-18.

Tren crucero Ecuador

You should come and enjoy this adventure.

There you will find "llamas"

Take original pictures

Walk around the railway being shined for colorful houses in Alausí

Alausí city

It's me 2018


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