The weather in June was incredible - so much sunshine, which we’re not used to, so we headed down the coast whenever we could and enjoyed the sunsets. I became obsessed with photographing the sun. But yes, there were some grey skies too.

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June brought so many light moments. Incredible light moments. Like this late evening walk at Gullane.

And this light one evening at John Muir Country Park. Stunning.

And this walk, at Yellowcraig.

June 21, the summer solstice.

we headed to Gullane to watch the sun set


Shot on iPhone

  • gussnottle

    So many, many beautiful pictures! The one, with Harris and his 👦 and the one with the two running next to each other, like best friends! You're a lovely family! 😃

  • copperline

    Ahhhh thank you @gussnottle 🙏🏻 The one where Harris and Bracken are running together - that sums them up, in their happy place, side by side, adventuring together... one of my favourite walks of the summer! 💫

  • rg117

    And besides the boys you blessed us with new unusual images—like that beautifully colored stone on pic that one huge boulder or a small beauty yearning to be famous...?

  • copperline

    Thank you @amjbarnesy 🙏🏻 what light we’ve been having right?!!! 💫

  • copperline

    @rg117 it was a chunk of stone! I like that you can’t tell scale from this. I’ve been taking some more rock and log/texture images - quite a few to come in July!

  • copperline

    Thank you @Steller 💫 @jordanfoy

  • copperline

    Thanks for sharing this one @jasminelovett 🙋🏻

  • saradeluigi

    Love your yoga space, page 23 and also the fact you had so much sun this summer!! I was in London last week and the color of the grass was super different (yellow!!)

  • copperline

    @saradeluigi It’s amazing - the weather has been crazy! I don’t remember a summer like this ever - EVER! The light... the sunsets.. and yes, so much bleached and dried out grass! And yes, having a yoga space is amazing. Still to be decorated (a simple warm grey) and the space needs lighting, but the natural light is lovely. I’m hoping to maybe teach one to one. I don’t know whether I can teach, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time - I’ve been waiting on the right opportunity!

  • saradeluigi

    It’s beautiful to feel ready to teach someone something! And also, if I lived around there, I really would like to take part to one of your lessons!! :):)

  • copperline

    Well I don’t know if I’m ready @saradeluigi - I mean, I have many years of yoga behind me, and hopefully many, many more ahead, but teaching feels like a different skill... but... I feel the need for change. And I guess you don’t know until you try?

  • leehorbachewski

    Oh my, the walk at Yellowcraig had me smiling from ear to ear.

  • copperline

    For me, there’s nothing better or more special than an empty beach with incredible light! And watching the lads running happily along the sand is the best ... ✨@leehorbachewski