Flowering of Yellow Guayacán trees

Ecuador 🇪🇨

In Southern Ecuador, in a little town called Mangahurco, just once a year, an awesome phenomenon occurs.

After a nine-month dry season, the rain begins, and trees that have sported bare branches for most of the year erupt in canopies of brilliant yellow flowers.

Guayacán trees have taken about 200 years to reach a height of 50 feet.

The wonderful thing is that Guayacán trees only have one week in order to flower and let drop their petals, covering the ground with a carpet of bright yellow.

Viewed from a hilltop above Mangahurco, the valley below is a magnificent sight, with yellow umbrellas stretching as far as the eye can see.

Depending on the beginning of the rain, this spectacle usually starts in January but it can happen as early as December and sometimes as late as February.

In 2018, the guayacanes flowered the first days of February and they were visited for people around the country and foreign visitors as well.

In my personal opinion, this event is one of the most important tourism source we as Ecuadorian have in the South of the country. It took almost seven hours to reach Mangahurco from Loja (the cultural city of Ecuador).

I really enjoyed this trip, as a musician I also was connected with nature by playing andean music. That was a great experience.

Visitors can also arrive to Zapotillo before going to see the Guayacanes. There, you can find host, food, souvenirs, and medicines.

Hope you guys enjoy these beautiful pictures. If you need any information you can contact me by mail. gabriel_gualan@msn.com

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