Italian City in Switzerland

Lugano was a nice final stop in Switzerland, with great scenery and a nice bustling city built into the hills. After spending the past week in the primarily German influenced cities, Lugano was a great pretense to our Italian excursion.

Some great views of the Italy-Switzerland border from our train to Lugano.

Once we arrived in Lugano, we headed to Lido di Lugano to relax on the beach of Lake Lugano.

Took a stroll through Parco Civico after the beach

After walking back to our hotel, we got some Pizza overlooking the city and lake!

Our second day we toured San Lorenzo Cathedral before going to Valle Verzasca to swim in the river among the unique rock formations. We couldn’t fit Valle Verzasca in this story so check it out here.

Our last day in Lugano we started with another church: Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli

Our last major activity in Lugano: hiking the Olive Trail to Gandria

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