Early Summer Adventures

With my Samsung Galaxy S9

For the past three months, I've focused on spending more time outside. As a #samsunginfluencer, I've opted to leave my camera gear at home in favour of capturing these adventures on my Samsung Galaxy S9. It has lived up to my expectations and needs as an everyday camera. http://bit.ly/2GfbRn3 #galaxyS9 #samsung

As soon as I received the Galaxy S9, I left for a lengthy roadtrip to Oregon, I hiked the Mackenzie River Trail, walked around Smith Rock and explored near Mt Bachelor. I cycled the Crooked River and Covered Bridges Scenic Bike Ways. And I even visited Crater Lake and the Alvord Desert

Camera Settings: ISO400 | 1/3" | f1.5

Captured with Panoramic Mode

Camera Settings: ISO50 | 1/1000" | f2.4

I've also used the camera on countless adventures in the Canadian Rockies. As many people know, I broke my arm earlier this year. While I healed, I wasn't very active. For the past two months, I've been working hard to regain lost fitness and endurance. Every chance I get, I leave my work at home and hit the nearby trails to hike, scramble and mountain bike.

Captured with Hyperlapse

Camera Settings: ISO200 | 1" | f1.5

Camera Settings: ISO100 | 1/125" | f1.5

"The best camera is the one you have with you." Over the past few months, I've happily proven this all-to-common expression to be completly true. Rather than pick and choose when I carry my camera gear, I've opted to simply carry my Samsung Galaxy S9. Its worked wonderfully, allowing me to spend more time outside and capture these memories in an impactful way.

Camera Settings: ISO200 | 1/50" | f1.5

If you liked the images and video in this story, check out the full Samsung GalaxyS9 specs: http://bit.ly/2GfbRn3 If you need more inspiration, check out these Instagram feeds: Instagram.com/samsungcanada Instagram.com/photojbartlett #samsunginfluencer #galaxyS9

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