The story of AHPs Day 2018 An AHPs into Action Production

A conversation on a Cornish bus ride home after work resulted in purposeful intent to turn AHP frustration into positive action

The idea quickly grew with the energy & support from AHPs to be part of a day of collective appreciation

AHPs across the country raised thier hand for a pick up on the #AHPsDay campaign bus

All 14 AHP professions 'on the bus' in less than 24hrs

Fantastic support from @WeAHPs helped to decide the date via a twitter poll.

In Cornwall we watched ready for the results

We created a logo capturing the strong feeling of being connected

Date and logo at the ready...

And with the backing from Suzanne Rastrick & the CAHPO Top Team it's time to start planning!

How will you be celebrating?

Our request is simple. Join us on Monday 15th October 2018 in what ever way is important and meaningful to you to appreciate being an AHP!

A day to celebrate and recognise our contribution & impact on the health and well-being of our nation

AHPsDay 2018

A day to appreciate our skills and achievements

#strongertogether #allied4areason

The idea came from Cornwall and we plan to make an occasion of it!

As a crucial first follower Nick Lane & his AHP army have started planning

It's time to shine!

AHPsDay provides a great opportunity for us to raise our profile in line with AHPs into Action. Please do share your ideas and celebrations with us via local/ social media and follow/contribute to our blog posts coming soon