Aurora Hunting in Norway’s Stunning Archipelago

Magical Lofoten

After an unbelievable boat journey down the West Coast of Norway, we began our drive to Reine. Many of Hurtigruten’s cruises have an on-board car port, so we got to keep the same rental we had been driving before.

There’s nothing quite like blue hour in the Lofoten Islands. The drive to Reine was absolutely stunning.

Our arrival was even more amazing

We stayed at Reine Rorbuer, in one of those waterfront cabins on the right side of the photo.

Not surprisingly, Reine was just as beautiful during daylight. We spent our afternoon driving around the islands and taking in the stunning scenery.

Our 2nd night started off misty, but the clouds were thin enough to still get a bit of the aurora.

After some driving, we saw a particularly strong band, as well as clearing skies, in the distance.

Our guide, Joanna, led us to a remote location - perfect for viewing the lights.

Suddenly, the most amazing aurora show began, lasting for nearly 20 minutes! Courtny recorded this real-time footage with a Sony A7S2.

Our location was right next to a gorgeous cemetery - not a bad location to be laid to rest.

I kept an eye on the moon all night, waiting to get a shot of it between those two cabins in the foreground. I was thrilled when the strongest auroras came to complete the scene - this is easily my favorite image from the trip.

The following morning, it was time to leave. But we got an absolutely perfect day to soak up the views one more time!

I hope you enjoyed this #epixtrip entry! For more information and a wonderful guide to Lofoten, head to the 68 North Blog There is simply no better way to experience Lofoten than by driving around the various islands and exploring on your own. To get started, though, I’d recommend a Hurtigruten cruise (bring your car rental on board!) and then base yourself in Reine Rorbuer to enjoy the dramatic outer islands of Lofoten.

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Photos & Videos: Phil Navatsyk Courtny Jodon

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