“We don’t have to let this become stressful,” I said as we prepared to move at the beginning of the month. But of course I was kidding myself. Moving is stressful. Packing, deciding what stays and what goes; throwing things out, the things you’ve surrounded yourself with for years - a new beginning should be exciting, but it can also feel daunting. So we escaped whenever we could, heading down the coast with the lads.

Bleak House

June 8, 9.06am time to go

cake always helps, right?

enjoying the light patterns in my new yoga space

One of the things I love most about beach walks down the east coast are the dramatic skyscapes. There’s something about standing on the edge of the shore, with a brooding sky over the water as the light shifts constantly.

Harris in his happy place.

moments like this, right?


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  • gussnottle

    😃 As I said times before: New colours came into your life and it's not only the weather 😉. As usual, spectacular views of the sea!!! I love them, because the look nearly like paintings! It's a bit sad, to look at the pictures of your old place to live 😞, but, I think, with the new place, you found new inspiration, did you? I'm for myself looking forward for part 2. It's always a pleasure, to see your little family wandering in such wonderful places and of course, Scotland, a land of my dream! ☺

  • copperline

    Thank you! 💫 @Steller @jordanfoy 🙋🏻✌🏻

  • copperline

    You’re right @gussnottle there is new inspiration from a change of scene. I miss so much about the old flat, not least the location, which I miss every single day, but if anything it’s only made me want to get out more and take more photos. Maybe that comes through? It’s like, when you feel unsettled, you need to focus on the things that make you feel settled, which for me is yoga and taking photos. So maybe that’s something too....

  • finknottle

    :-) I Think you`re on a good way!

  • copperline

    Thanks for sharing this one @jensaoleary 💫🙋🏻

  • Giudit103


  • saradeluigi

    Love the light in the pictures! And also, to move is always a new beginning, right? And new beginnings are so attractive! How is it going?

  • mombo

    Wow so beautiful

  • mombo

    Just looked at this again..... it’s really quite good. So different than the coast in California

  • copperline

    Thanks for sharing this @yourmorningtea ☺️👋🏻

  • copperline

    Indeed @saradeluigi a new beginning! It’s been challenging, truth be told! We’re enjoying the quirky little house and it’s so much easier living here with the boys (we have a little garden - life transforming!) but we’ve returned to the town I grew up in, and that’s been tough. But... looking forwards! ✨

  • copperline

    Thank you @mombo 🙌🏻 We’re fortunate to have a beautiful stretch of coastline - and this summer has brought incredible weather so we’ve made the most of getting down the coast in the evenings. Glad you enjoyed! 💫

  • mombo

    We were in London this past June and it was so hot..... couldn’t believe it!

  • copperline

    It’s been the hottest summer I can *ever* remember @mombo - weeks of sunshine, which is absolutely unheard of! Hope you had a great time exploring London ☺️

  • leehorbachewski

    Seriously in love with your stories. I’m guessing the house is your new place. It looks absolutely beautiful. Having moved countries three times, I know how tough it all is, yet there’s always new memories to create and old memories to treasure.

  • copperline

    Yes @leehorbachewski the old flat and the new house. It’s been a tough adjustment - I haven’t been happy since the move but we had to swap top floor living for ground floor living with the two daxie lads - it was a necessary and pragmatic move. Needs must and all that. But goodness, moving countries must be such a challenge... leaving all the things you love!