hotel indigo

whatever the reasons to come to Warsaw...

this is the place to stay

the lobby is like a Chihuly dream

and the bar, where you can get a Polish Wodka

you fly like a balloon to your room

the hallways galleries of local artists

each room individually designed. this is so well lit as a huge skylight is above, with motorized shade

and the views of the city, once flattened by German bombing, are towering

on the 5th floor, the workout and then...

it is but a block away from Nowy Świat, the hippest street in town.

and a short walk to almost anywhere...here the Science Museum

and Old Town, completely restored since the bombing of 1944. the new looks authentically old.

the palace of culture & science, built by the Soviets in 1955, remains the tallest builing in poland

back for the evening and...

just hang on the door

then soar down to breakfast

the hotel restaurant Florentin fuses flavors from across North Africa and the Middle East

even at breakfast

wherever you go in Warsaw, this is where you want to be.