a walk to remember

when you capture moments, you don’t only bring them as you move forward; but they become a part of you, something you can always come back to

these are the kind of days you want to remember

flowers blooming everywhere you turn,

people hurrying into the subways; be it to get to work, shop, or even home, to see their loved ones.

when you start looking at the smaller things, you’ll start to realize that those little details is what makes the big picture beautiful.

looking is different from seeing,

and when you know where to look, you’ll start to appreciate what’s around you

where the shadow falls,

the people around you,

the food provided on your table,

the beautifully designed architectures,

and even those little things people don’t usually notice; there’s always beauty when you know where to look

when you open your eyes to the things around you, you’ll realize how the smallest details can make up a whole image

imagine just how beautiful they can be when you start looking at things in your own perspectives

and when you get the opportunity to capture those moments, share them as if you’re sharing a part of yourself

we do not remember days, we remember moments.

cesare pavese

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