#MatExp WhoseShoes

Competing with the World Cup

Our #MatExp #WhoseShoes event at Luton and Dunstable Hospital was always going to be something of a challenge. Getting women and families to come along and take part in a community engagement event, just at the time England were playing in the World Cup semi-final, was never going to be easy!

But people were flocking to be event!

We were really thrilled to get a full house at the #MatExp #WhoseShoes community engagement ‘event in the tent’ in Luton!

It was good to meet Matthew who had been organising the logistics

There were some introductory presentations...

The CEO was clearly proud of the maternity team - which is always good to see!

And then we were straight into the #MatExp #WhoseShoes engagement event. Some really great people joined the conversations. Parents, parents-to-be, healthcare professionals... talking together as equals

#MatExp #WhoseShoes aims to be really inclusive. ⚽️

I had to think on my feet as to how it would work best. So many people- some wanting to play Whose Shoes, some wanting to tour the birthing unit, some wanting to do both and booked in for different times...

A big shoutout to Chloe and Sinaed, our fabulous student midwives, who really got thrown in at the deep end at the last moment as table facilitators!

They both earned #JFDI badges as they threw themselves into the role and naturally found just the right blend of ‘light touch’ facilitation that helps the conversations flow.

It was hot! The heatwave continues. People made makeshift fans.

There were even a few Luton and Dunstable hospital fans!! 😀

I had a chance to tell Trish the Head of Midwifery more about Whose Shoes. This session has been arranged very quickly to tap into the ‘open tent’ opportunity but I promised to come back and do a full blown session soon!

The open tent event lasts over several days with different services featuring at different points in the programme. What a great idea!

We kept things very free and easy, fully expecting that everyone would disappear early for the football. But people were enjoying the conversations. They got really stuck in and were coming up with some great solutions!

Key messages from the discussions were recorded on post-it notes.

Did you know that in Spain, if there is an emergency such as rushing someone in advanced labour to hospital in a car, you can wave a white flag out the window and get the same priority as an emergency vehicle. The police will even provide an escort. And then of course, when you arrive, will check that your emergency was genuine! 🚑 👶🏼🚑

It was a fun night. I love doing something a bit spontaneous and different.

And, as always, meeting some #MatExp Twitter friends. Cathy @relaxmum2b was also there.

People spilled out into the sunshine to find somewhere to watch the second half of the World Cup semi final. There was an air of optimism as England were 1-0 up 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ...

But that’s another story... 😰