Double cream cake

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Today a simple and elegant dessert made with sponge cake and two creams based on dark and white chocolate. The beauty of this dessert is that the filling is bicolor. It will not take long to make this recipe. Surely you will make a super figure with your friends or friends. Perfect cake for a little surprise party.

To make this two-colored stuffing you will need a game of unloading a few that must be put in the same spout. For the mise en place sweet dish of Galateo & Friends and dessert scoop Mepra.

Ingredients: 100g of 00 flour 150g of sugar 4 eggs 200g spreadable cheese 50g dark chocolate 50g white chocolate 75ml of water 50g of powdered sugar #recipe for 4/6 persone ready in 90 minutes medium complexity

How to do: Boil the water for a few minutes with 50g of sugar and get a wet. Work the eggs with the remaining sugar in a planetary mixer or with electric beaters for at least 10 minutes. Add the flour to the mixture without defeating it too much. Pour the mixture over a dripping pan lined with baking paper and bake in a hot oven at 180 ° C for about 15 minutes.

Let the sponge cake cool down and coppatelo with rims with a diameter of 14-16cm. Work with the electric whisk the cheese spread with icing sugar. Divide it in half and then work the part with the two melted chocolates. Fill two sacs with a few flints. Put them in a single nozzle. Form the cake staring the first sponge cake to a plate with the cream.

Then wet the first record. Make a layer with the two-colored cream. Place the second disc already slightly wet. Form the second layer of cream. Then put the third disc already wet and finish the cake with the last layer of filling.

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