Memories An experience either good or bad A precious moment

The London Eye

Knowledge is limited, Creativity is not

Packaging Museum

Actions Represented By Thinkers

Street art Graffiti

"Don't blame people for being clowns, blame yourself for going to the circus"

Lil Wayne

Tightrope Circus Workshop

If you aren't good in one thing...

Robotics Workshop

...there are many others to choose from.

Jamie Oliver Cooking School

My mind usually lets go of things to remember more important things. This experience is something I won't soon forget

CSI Forensics Team

They say actors are people with fake personalities, thats why they are able to alter them so easily. To me, they are the people who are the most experienced, thats why they can do anything anywhere

Shakespeare play

Manners Maketh Man.

-some dude from Kingsman I guess

Tea Etiquette Workshop

Football Business Management

Memories are like magic

Harry Potter Experience: Hogwarts

On The Way to Hamlet Theatre

The secret ingredient is always effort

Jamie Oliver Cookery School

Without a plan, there is no attack. Without an attack, there is no victory


Art is a mirror. Its all just a matter of perspective. It might just look like a painting or a drawing to you, but to the artist, it represents himself.

The best part of memories...

... Is making them

Chelsea FC Business Workshop

And even when the experience ends...

...The memories will always will be with you

Sincerely, Yours Truly


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