Vilnius. Lithuania every palace has a story

Hotel Pacai

in 17th century Vilnius, commander Mykolas Kazimieras Pacas, the most desirable bachelor in Lithuania, decided to build a palace.

he hired the finest Italian architects and artists to design and decorate his mansion

but when Pacas took a stand against the Tzar, the palace was seized by the Russian military and turned into barracks. Pacas died alone.

a rest stop for kings, bishops, dukes...

Napolean stationed here during his campaign to conquer russia

now the palace is re-imagined as an immoderately luxurious hotel, combining state-of-the-art comfort with the Baroque glory of its origins

hear how it is pronounced

reception has the world's largest check-in monitors

yet in rooms throughout, the original 17th century walls are exposed

you can take a hot tub time machine

17th century frescos line the ceilings

Pacas was a military man, and commissioned this statue of Athena, goddess of war

through the upper windows, views of one of the largest surviving medieval towns in northern europe

everywhere there is exposed original 17th century art

but not everything is antique. the boutique spa is neoteric and divine

there is a library of 21st century art and design tomes

the bar Sofija was named for Countess Sofija Tyzenhauzaite, who threw legendary parties here. Rumor has it she seduced Russian Emperor Alexander 1 with one of these cocktails

then there is the restaurant, housed in the former stables

the menu is curated by Niels Peter Pretsmann, a pioneer in New Baltic Cuisine

everything comes from his 600 hectare organic farm 75 kilometers away

except the wine, of course

it is a meal for super heroes

dessert: no caption can capture

nobility found here

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