Kenya and Tanzanian Safari

11 Perfect Days

Hey everyone! Just back from an incredible journey to Kenya and Tanzania. Special shoutout to the folks at Travel Leaders who sponsored me on this incredible trip. Here is a link to an itinerary that they have put together that’s pretty similar to the one I took. If you have any questions, ping me in the comments section.

Also, Special Thanks to African Wildlife Foundation for Inspiration for this trip

First stop:

Massai Mara National Refuge

Yup that’s a few Wildebeests

That is one big elephant and her baby - with a couple of zebras photobombing the shot !

Massai Mara National Reserve is big.... almost 580 square miles. It’s the largest preserve in Kenya and home to the annual wildebeest migration between July through October. Pretty amazing party. It’s also where elephants are relatively safe. I learned quite a bit about the struggle between elephants and man. Unfortunately it’s more than just poaching..... it’s also a struggle of land usage. Agriculture is encroaching on native elephant habitats.

Baby elephant nursery

One organization that is trying to preserve the elephant population is the David Sherlock Elephant Nursery. This nursery rescues orphans and gives them a new life and new hope. Once the baby elephants are able to live on there own, they are moved to safer places like the Massai. Elephants can live to be 70 years old.

It’s incredible how high these Massai warriors can jump. Amazing to watch.

At the end of a hard day of exploring.... I got to retire at incredible eco lodges.... what a treat!

And the food wasn’t too shabby!

Where we went

This trip exceeded every expectation I had. I learned so much about everything from eco-tourism to habitat loss to why wildebeest seem to be always on the move. I learned about culture and a way of life so distant from mine. I met some wonderful folks that I hope to explore with again. And special 🙏 to the folks at Travel Leaders — your’e awesome!

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    Been there last summer - great area!


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