02 Winter Escape 2018 South West Rocks

Horseshoe Bay 2018-07-03/06

Overcast and seas are up

Awoke to more rain and cloud.

Pork Knuckle $14 at the Pub. Was great.

Afternoon entertainment was watching new arrivals setting up. Not a lot of manoeuvring room. We minded the dogs

At the Club.

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  • JSerendipity

    OMG - you must have been thrilled with that bird capture with the fish.

  • Carolyn_Sea

    It was a good spot. The Ospreys dived from the crane. Even on a windy day they hovered and dived. Often catching a fish. They seemed to prefer to eat the fish on the flag pole alone.

  • adelemiranda

    Lovely little collection Carolyn, the water looks so nice too. I love the little dog too. You should tag him in IG unexp_collective . The theme this month is dogs in street.

  • adelemiranda

    Sorry...animals in street ❤️