VIVID 2018

Okay, so this Steller is a little different because I want to ask something of you? I’ve been shooting Vivid in Sydney for 6 years and traditionally I have worked with the Tourism board to promote New South Wales and the event itself! This year I worked exclusively with the PARKROYAL Darling Harbour to create awareness of their Winter getaways! 👉🏻

So I’m asking you to enjoy my photos but give some love to PARKROYAL at the end, this shoot wouldn’t have been possible without them. 😍😍

Vivid is ... extraordinary! An annual Festival of Lights in Sydney that brings the city to life. After 6 years of working the event I still love it as much as the first time!! This year I was staying at the PARKROYAL, on the city side of Darling Harbour. That meant seeing more of the Darling Harbour sights but also my favorite installation for 2018, the “Liminal Hour” in Barangaroo! 😍👉🏻

Isn’t she extraordinary? Her name is “Marri Dyin” and she’s a giant puppet! She was being summoned by two men at the other end Barangaroo ...

To see indigenous artists and culture represented for this installation added a new dimension to Vivid for me. It was a spine tingling performance.

Although Vivid is over for this year Barangaroo is always an exciting precinct to visit, and still Sydney’s newest I think?! I walked to Barangaroo from the PARKROYAL Darling Harbour in 15 minutes, it’s about 1km away. If you’re in Sydney for a winter getaway I’d highly recommend a wander down here for eating and watering 😏😜😜

PARKROYAL also gave me complete freedom to cruise into the city and shoot the Opera House from a hundred different perspectives. Lol

But I did manage to find plenty of time to enjoy the property itself, and in particular I enjoyed time in the Club Lounge! 😍😍 (These are the views)

I also did a Vivid Bridge Climb because that’s just what you do in Sydney! Haha

So, in a time honored tradition, I’m going to share some BTS shots with you and then you’re all going to add the PARKROYAL Darling Harbour to your Sydney “hotel’s list”! Promise? 💜💁🏼‍♀️

Check them out: https://www.panpacific.com/en/hotels-and-resorts/pr-darling-harbour-sydney.html


  • scottg

    Great steller story and incredible pictures! Thx for sharing

  • kevinbohlmann

    Thank you for creating this wonderful Steller story! Absolutely beautiful!!! 🙏🏼👍🏼

  • raejmartens

    Beautiful Lauren. I haven't looked through Steller for a while, I have to admit. Oops! I do love the platform though. And yes, we had a wonderful time at the Instameet and catching up with you. It was so generous of the Park Royal Darling Harbour to host us that evening <3

  • laurenepbath

    @scottg thanks a lot Scott! I feel like I’m behind on Steller’s this year! Must do more :)

  • laurenepbath

    @kevinbohlmann thanks Kevin! Vivid is super fun to photograph :)

  • laurenepbath

    @raejmartens I’m glad you popped in then! I still love Steller and use it for every job! Yep, PARKROYAL really did look after us, what legends. :)

  • laurenepbath

    @Steller thanks Steller! 😍😍