Highlights vol2

@MatExpBazaar March-June 2018

Heather kicks us off for volume 2

She emphasised the importance of still be grounded in clinical care when managing & developing a service

She helped us think about change

Sign posting us to change process theory

Challenges of leadership in an era of constant change

Reminding us the importance of common purpose : Why??

A stock take on how far we are reaching via twitter stats, well done folks steadily growing👏🏼

She highlighted the idea of self managing teams read the blog

Baton passed ➡️ to Sarah-Jane chair of the Maternity Transformation Programme

First she reminded us she is human too #nohierarchyjustpeople👍🏻

Pretty important week for her..


There was plenty to share at her BetterBirths 2yrs on event

Michaela of continuity matters campaign up next , read her blog here

& listen with this link

She asked us to think what continuity means ....

She has set about single handedly trying to make a difference, have a think what could you do to improve continuity...?

The next week we took a dip into research with a team effort at tweeting find out more here

Click here for Fab little video about pregnancy circles

Read what it’s like to work in this way

Next up Emma anaesthetist took up the baton. Read more about the new beginnings project here

23rd April was #ExpOfCare week

So I ran an impromptu #lithotomy challenge

Then Art of Care project Salisbury Hospital showed us what they’ve done in maternity

Sarah up next for maternal mental health awareness week!

Then my partner in crime Gill took a turn

Whisking us off to Ireland to launch #IrishMatExp

New sashes to flash, & a film of the workshop click here!

A huge success with a tremendous ripple effect to follow it seems

You can check out Gill’s website but as she says it’s rather out of date👀 far better to tweet her! @WhoseShoes

Next up Emma, lovely to see more of her team who are always up to exciting things on delivery suite

She shared ideas about birth environment

I love this board introducing the team

Baton passed to Sam

Challenging us to think , what do you do in your area?

Tips to get an MVP off the ground

Read the feedback here & think how could your unit use this type of feedback ?

A bank holiday bonanza on #MindNBody learn more here

Hot off the press graphic & film of the first test event

Reminding us what #maternity care is all about!

So much to share..

So June has been a really bumper month. Workshops came so thick & fast it was hard to keep up ! We were test new material in London , West midlands & south west england all in a two week frenzy. Some key themes already springing to life thanks to Anna & Carrie superb graphic facilitators

Fab to be able to help spread the word about @dadpaduk

& their brand new neonatal version launched on Father’s Day

Gill took a trip to Corby

Laura & I made a vlog watch us here about our London MVP work. Plus access our MVP commissioning guidance

The following week I was busy fronting a session on personalised care at the new British Intrapartum Care Society

& at RCOG all in the same week!

It seems incredible that 3 months have taken us from the snow of the beast of the east to the heatwave ☀️. From planning & calling for material to testing new #MindNBody ideas. We can only achieve this amazing work due to the contributions each & every woman, midwife, health visitor , GP, obs, anaesthetist, support workers & more make on an everyday basis THANK YOU!!!

Interested in taking a turn? DM @FWmaternity or email matexpbazaar@gmail.com