Rude Boy’s Epic Tale

My Best Day Ever!

I’m hanging out with my mom at Boris and Horton!

Will coffee wake me up?

Look at all of this cool stuff!

Can we take this Casper dog bed home?

Oh, hai!

So much fun at Boris and Horton ( I don’t wanna leave)

What does this mean, “NO PETS” ??

We are waiting for the elevator. Who are we here to see?

Hi hi Hedda and Marlo! Wanna go for a walk?

Where are we going?

We’re at Tompkins Square Park!

What? We’re all ears!

Nope. Not walking!

On the move, again ...

We are shopping at Love Thy Beast!

Time for a coffee break at The Bean

I am taking a break at The Bean

What a great day! It’s time to be RUDE!

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