Summer is already here!

Cherry trees announce that spring is over 🍒

This is how first summer days look like in Italy...

💚 Find a beautiful place and live it to the fullest. All these pics were taken in 48 hours, in the beautiful 'Piccole Dolomiti' (Little Dolomites). It's a land in the North-East of Italy, not far from the most famous Dolomites area and Venice.

☀ Let's spend our days in the sun. And when it's time for lunch, we meet outside, together.

🐎 You can discover and explore this territory by horseback!

🐝 Here you can listen to the bzzzz of the bees (and discover their incredibile world)

And prepare your own honey jar!

💛 Strolling around is always one of the best way to discover hidden gems.

🍝 Obviously, don't forget to taste genuine local food (and make homemade pasta!)

🍬 You can also take a dip into the past and experience old traditions, meeting locals in their lovely rural villages

Obviously, relax.

The most simple things can bring the most happiness. All you have to do is slow down and get prepared to enjoy a simpler yet intense way of life.


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