sincerely yours.

Take me back,

when it felt so nice, the sun shone just right, and your melody stroked the air.

Your melody,

The reason that I awoke, in the mid of my daydreams.

Because somehow,

It felt nicer to live my life than to live in my dreams.


wasn’t that actually the purpose for us human being? To live our life so we can prepared ourself in deen?

Because life’s to short to live,

And to God we all will be returned. May peace be upon you.

Bali, sincerely yours. You made me feel closer to The Creator.

#stellerstories #stellerid was taken by my iphone and mirrorless camera and edited with some filter.

  • y_theodore

    Hey i'm in bali your pictures and your story are awsome,can

  • y_theodore

    Page 3 in your story where is it ?

  • lalunabyte

    @y_theodore Hi😊 actually I took that pic when we stopped by in some restaurant at 5 o’clock in the morning

  • y_theodore

    @lalunabyte do you still remember where is it ? I mean the exact location if you could tell me it'll be very helpfull

  • lalunabyte

    @y_theodore I think it was “soka indah” restaurant just like in page 19 ... it was just some random tree btw