Cherry sorbet

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Today typical recipe of the summer that is about to begin, Sorbet with cherries. Very simple light cake to face the heat. The sorbet was made with Gelato Expert by Magimix and enriched with Fabbri's white chocolate topping. You can make this cake in less than 1 hour and serve it immediately so that it does not form the classic hygroscopic agglomerates typical of a sorbet stored a few days after its production.

For the mise en place cup and colander of Zak! Designs. Floor installation Dekton by Cosentino.

Ingredients: 1kg of cherries 350ml of water 150g of sugar 1 lemon QB topping with white chocolate #recipe very easy! Direct link in italian: click here

How to do: Pour the cherries and cut into chunks. Blend the cherries with lemon juice. Melt the sugar in the water and at the first boil remove the syrup. Mix the syrup with the pulp. Pour the mixture into the ice cream machine and let the sorbet form. It depends on the ice cream maker you use. Serve with white chocolate topping and cherries.

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