The first three days

Hello Barcelona! We got off the 11 hour flight and went out for paella right away!

In Barcelona we noted all the flags hanging from apartment windows. Some are to support Cataluña remaining in Spain while others and are to support the separatist movement. The yellow ribbon is to support the release of political prisoners.

These support separating from Spain.

After paella we took a walk and came upon a plaza with a live band and people dancing the Sardana, a very Catalán dance.

We were impressed with this urban promenade which has revitalized this industrial section of the city (not far from Sants train station).

The next morning we enjoyed a typical Spanish breakfast of cafe con leche, fresh squeezed OJ and bread with jam.

Near the Barrio Gótico my son found a comic book shop. He was in heaven.

This is a real human covered in bronze paint. Give him a euro or two and you can take a fun photo with him!

We took a lovely walk thru the old maze of streets in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. We found Roman ruins and ancient buildings, and even an opera performance!

After three trips to Barcelona, we finally made it to the Sagrada Familia. It did not disappoint.

We went up the Nativity tower and here is the tight walk down.

Nice view from the top!

The interior is unlike any other cathedral I’ve seen.

Next stop.... San Sebastián.

I can tell we are going to be eating a lot here. More to come.....

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