Bukit Merese Hill

Kuta Lombok, Indonesia

Kuta Lombok is the most popular destination on the island of Lombok. It’s full of hip cafe’s, modern accommodation and is the hub for surfing and beach adventures. When you are by the beach your major concern as the afternoon begins to fade is where you should head for sunset. The best sunset viewpoint is Bukit Merese Hill in Kuta Lombok. However, it’s also an awesome place to explore during the day. For some reason, no other tourists decided to hit the hill during the day while it was quite crowded at the sunset point.

Best Sunset Viewpoint

We had heard about Bukit Merese Hill and decided to jump on the moped from town and make the 15-minute journey out to the hill. When we arrived we had to pay $1 to bring the moped inside and then parked at the bottom of the hill. You can grab a water, a coconut or a beer in the parking lot before beginning the climb. If you just want to reach the first viewpoint it is only about a 5-10 min walk up the hill. If you decide to head all the way to the furthest headland it may take you a bit more than 20 minutes.

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