In all it’s glory.


Not long ago I visited Edinburgh for the first time. We were there for 4 days to shoot a short documentary. On our first day we explored the city to get some B Roll. I took my camera along with me. Here are a few shots from the day.

The castle sits above the city and overs a stunning view from all around.

If you’re ever in Edinburgh I’d recommend visiting the museum. It’s huge with beautiful architecture. You can also go to the roof and look out over the city.

It wouldn’t be Scotland without seeing some bagpipes! The weather on this day was very inconsistent but it led to a cute rainbow.

We headed up Calton hill for sunset.

And that’s a wrap on the day in Edinburgh. After a quick coffee stop we headed back for the day. The documentary was a lot of fun to make, and Edinburgh was a pleasure to visit.

The End

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