A Short Background


🔥Flame Island🔥

Opened in 2009, this ultra-luxurious private island is the only top-secret travel destination among upper-class people.

The location is unknown to most people.

However, this fact does not stop people from setting the island as their ultimate travel destination, making it one of the most wanted and desired places in the world.

The beautiful grounds, overall sophisticated vibe, adults-only policy, high-end amenities, best costumer service, and beautiful beachfront location make it one of the most, or rather the best, island in the world.

Flame Island fullfilled its promise to be.....

"The place of unpretentious Luxury."

Owned by Leo Evan Orpheus Nicholai Flame, the CEO of LF Group, Flame Island is exclusive only to VIP members with a maximum of 169 guests per day only.

According to a recent interview with Mr. Flame, he admitted the sole reason for creating this island.

“For pleasure.”

So... If you are looking for something to ignite your soul....

Flame Island is here for you.

“Be a wanderlust in this heavenly paradise.”

–Flame Island–