Place du Louvre Paris France Dance Fashion Show Wearable Art • Umalulu Melolo by Dian Oerip Indonesia May 14-18, 2018

Dian Oerip is a fashion traveller who loves to travel to many places all over Indonesia to explore the fabrics of each region especially in woven and now is globetrotting to introduce the Indonesia's traditional woven fabrics to the world

Dian Oerip is a “rebel” designer by combining so many Indonesian traditional fabrics to be a unique & cool wearable art. She is smart to change the Indonesian traditional fabrics to be a Boho & Hippies style while she helps weavers from villages in remote areas to have a better life.


This time Dian Oerip promoted woven ftom Umalulu or Melolo, it’s village in Sumba island, East Nusa Tenggara, Eastern Indonesia. Sumba woven is one of the best traditional woven in the world.

Natural dyes

Umalolo Melolo woven that was used by Dian Oerip were made from natural dyes. It was made by villagers around 8 months - 2 years for each fabric. The coloring processes are around 3-6 times.

Oerip also brought her cool design of woven sandalboot in this event.

A tribute for this little tiny cool lady 🙏 Belajar dari wanita mungil ini saya tersadar tentang sudah waktunya tenun Indonesia dihargai & dijaga kelestariannya oleh kita, bukan lagi oleh orang asing yang begitu cinta dengan “harta karun” Indonesia ini.

Thanks for reading

These photos & videos are courtesy of Dian Oerip. I posted in Steller on her permission. Matur nuwun mbak Dian. Contact her : IG @dian_oerip Photos & video by Ary_dn Music by Otong_disdain

Me & Dian Oerip in “Indonesia Fashion Week” 2018 Terus kibarkan wastra Nusantara ke seantero dunia mba Dian kece 😉 #style #stellerid #fashion #indonesia #woven #ethnic #ethnicwear #stellerverse #tenun #sumba #dianoerip #designer #oeripindonesia

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