Mt. Napulak

May 26, 2018, I climbed Mt. Napulak for the second time around. It didn't rain. Instead, I witnessed a sea of clouds.

These were some photographs I took while climbing up to the peak.

Well it wasn't easy. I experienced a cramp on my left leg however I was able to manage by relaxing and massaging my leg muscles — a usual thing back when I was a swimming varsity.

So this is me when we reached the summit.

As what I have mentioned, there was a sea of cloud. And it was sunset that time.

Yup, it was amazing.

The next day...

I climbed the peakest of the mountain, took a picture of myself, and watched the clouds strangle the summer air.

And familiarized with all the little details how clouds form, how being maybe on top of the world feels like, and how to get closer to the sun.


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