A quintessentially English day

Dedicated to Adam. Thank you for organising such beautiful weather. We remembered you and spoke about you a lot today. πŸ’œ

Many of my Twitter friends will know Zoe and Paul Bojelian and it was very exciting they were coming to visit us. But where should we go?

When we visited them some time ago, they took us to Castle Howard. Quintessentially English.

So when the weather forecast was β˜€οΈreally good β˜€οΈ, we thought that a garden walkabout in leafy Warwickshire would be just the ticket!

And of course Charlie dog came too.

And Molly and Max came to say hello too.

And someone else. Can you spot him?

@Stowaway teddy! A definite #heehee for Adam πŸ˜‚ And he had bought us some sherbet lemons. πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

Teddy has a bit of a thing about lemons. He wanted to gatecrash a lemon-themed wedding.

We managed to prise him away but he persuaded us to call in at the local church where refreshments were being served. It seemed everyone had the same idea.

It looked like a #MatExp #bakeoff!! πŸ‹

Predictably, Teddy demolished the lemon drizzle cake. #heehee

A lovely spot to cool down.

Finally it was time to look around the beautiful gardens.

There was plenty to see.

Teddy was impressed by the lemon theme that seemed to be everywhere.

Everywhere looked so pretty in the sunshine.

There was a lot of knowledgeable talk about herbaceous borders.

The colourful clothes of the elegant visitors blended beautifully with the colourful gardens.

And so did lots of other people.

Ooh, I bet our grandchildren would like this when they are a bit older. And every other child in the world.

We were quite glad there were not too many gardens as it was hot work walking round. But there again, not too strenuous for Zoe who had recently run the London marathon in the heat!

Just the thought of it was enough to make you want to sit down and take a little break.

There were lots of lovely shady spots.

There were beautifully tended gardens.

But I tend to prefer things left to go a bit wild. Now there’s a surprise.

@MrWhoseShoes was busy telling tales of cricket 🏏

So I took myself off for a little walk.

Playing with shadows.

My grandma used to run a buttercup under my chin... to see if I liked butter!

And then back to join the others.

It was a lovely relaxed day. Just what we all needed.

And brilliant to see how much money is raised nationally through these events.

Just time for a drink and a bite to eat before it was time to set off home.

Back home after a quintessentially English day.