“A cold sea fog on the east coast of England or Scotland...” Origin ~ Late 17th century: perhaps from Old Norse hárr ‘hoar, hoary’. source: English Oxford Living Dictionaries

We’d usually drive down the coast for a beach walk on a Sunday afternoon, but last weekend we decided to have a walk closer to home, so we headed up Blackford Hill in Edinburgh. The city was blanketed in haar, but as we walked slightly higher sunlight started to seep through the fog. The light was constantly shifting, from cool to glowing, eventually reflecting off the buildings below.

I was looking for a description of haar that captures what it feels like, and came across this written by David Bennett on Quillcards: “Walking around in haar is like chasing a phantom. Wherever you are standing seems clear of haar, save for the fine wet spray in your face to tell you it is there.”

“The haar seems to be over in the distance, where everything is white and indistinct. But walk to where the haar is and it disappears. Turn around and look back, and the haar seems to be where you just came from.”

David Bennett, Quillcards

rucksack by Bleak House

Blackford Hill, Sunday 27 May


shot on iPhone