Lemnos, Greece

Cleaning up a beach with primary school children

Meltemi is an EU funded project which aims at the promotion of shared nautical culture and heritage as well as the enhancement of the Blue Growth, Tourism, and Sustainability through the participation of local community.

In the context of the Green & Blue Days 2018, the 3 counterparts of Meltemi (Project partners) organized a series of events and environmental actions. On the 21st of May, Meltemi celebrated the European NATURA 2000 Day at Lemnos island (Greece).

To raise awareness and appreciation of the unique and rich natural heritage, a group of 25 students from the Aristotle University (School of Journalism & Mass Media Communications) in cooperation with students of the elementary school of the Keros area volunteered to clean up part of Keros beach which is located at the northeast part of Lemnos in the NE Aegean Sea.

Kids are always willing and eager to help preserve nature' s wealth; they just have to be let learn outdoors and connect with nature!

Weighing the accumulated trash, we found out that in just 60 minutes we managed to collect 60 kilos of waste! Check out how proud we are!

But as we outlined in the beginning, it was a celebration! Therefore... right after we finished, healthy snacks were offered to everybody as a reward for putting an effort into saving the planet and living better!

May we all come together again for the shake of nature and our future!

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