made easy

Making bread is like therapy to me. Wrapping my hands in the dough, waiting for the yeast process to complete, and seeing the dough grown when I lift the cloth is something that still sounds fascinating to me.

Ingredients 4 cups breadcrumbs 1 ½ cups warm water 1 package of dry yeast 1 c. sugar dessert 1 c. salt dessert

Method Add the yeast with water and sugar. Let stand 5 minutes to activate yeast. Gradually add the flour and stirring with a spoon. When the dough comes off the edges of the cup, cover with a kitchen cloth and let leaven for 1 hour Pour the dough to a floured surface and add a little more flour to not grasp the hands. Fold the dough a few times to the center. Place the dough, with the folds down, into a floured receptacle. Leave for another 30 minutes Bring a dutch oven with lid to heat in the oven at 240ºC At the end of the time pour the dough on top of a piece of parchment paper and carefully put in the hot pot Bake for 30 minutes.

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