London Ambulance maternity care

#MatExp #EmMVP

In December 2017 we were delighted to be invited to Waterloo control room to discuss how we might develop #MatExp conversations between maternity & ambulance services

We learnt about cherished stork badges awarded to dispatch☎️ staff who help women give birth during a call

& met Amanda consultant midwife who is pioneering improvement in maternity care & training across London Ambulance

An exciting new project was soon being planned. I met up with Sarah from the ambulance strategy team to think through the nuts & bolts We were writing some bespoke new material so as usual we crowd sourced asking for feedback from women & families as well as staff.

We put the word out far & wide

I went out on the road with a crew from my local Ambulance station so I could better understand their roles & perspectives

It was strange to be bringing people into Kingston as well as treating people at home or on the street . Thank you Karyn & Pete for welcoming me

We got busy writing new real ambulance service maternity scenarios we hoped would strike a cord

The date was set & invites sent

Amanda & Team received a very special parcel

The team were getting in the maternity mood

It was definitely a green 💚theme for the day as Gill was off to launch #IrishMatExp at the same time!

The breech baby balloon welcomed us at the venue & soon the stage was set....

A surprise envelope for me to open, that’s the fun of working with Gill expect the unexpected!

Amanda set the scene

Some facts about just how much the ambulance service contribute to maternity care in London

& shared her Maternatastic mission

Janine shared her personal tragedy & why she has linked with Amanda to bring the workshop about

Carrie had prepared a brilliant blank canvas ready to capture our thoughts

The conversations started & the ideas began to flow

Carrie was flooded with post its!

Hear Hear!

I’m certainly not a job am I!

Every table had the maternity equipment that ambulance teams carry & opening them up we discovered it’s no wonder maternity care scares them ➡️

Can we make birth a bit less frightening so ambulance teams know how to support physiological birth too?

There were lots of thoughts about the need for antenatal education & closer links with maternity services

Time for Carrie to summarise our conversations ....

She did a great job! Plenty to capture!

View the finished record here

Time for action💥🚑Josh stepped up with our first pledge 👏🏼

Fantastic powerful pledges , I look forward to seeing them implemented 💥

With these two as a driving force I have no doubt action will follow

We ended with a chance to explore an ambulance & forge some new friendships plus of course a group photo

Seems like Amanda is off to a flying start

A new chapter of pre hospital maternity care starts here...👍🏻

I love seeing the ripples spread after a workshop

What next?

I have a feeling that in a few months we are going to have a buzzing emergency maternity voices partnership in London & all sorts of ideas to share with ambulance services elsewhere 😊 Congratulations to all at London Ambulance for having the vision for change & to women and families for jumping at the chance to get involved.