Mt. Klabat

The not-so-popular yet is the highest mountain in North Sulawesi

Mt. Klabat

Mt. Klabat is the highest mountain in North Sulawesi which elevation is 1,995 m.

This is a story about my first experience in climbing a mountain.

And my first mountain is Mt. Klabat in North Sulawesi.

My team & I before we climbed the mountain.

Tips : Make sure you bring a lot of foods, snacks, and water with you, bring a sweater or jacket or windbreaker because the temprature here (in fact it's in every mountain) could be so cold. Also, Don't forget to bring a raincoat.

They usually call this phenomena as 'Samudra Awan'

So close with the clouds.

Don't leave anything but footprints, don't take anything but pictures, don't kill anything but times!


Tips : it'll be so much fun if you go there with your family or your friends.

Tips : Both sides have a lot of thorn. If you want to go here, don't forget to wear your jacket or sweater. Don't forget too to wear longpants!

I found a heat-shaped stone!

It could be so foggy here. Moreover, if it's raining.

To reach its peak is not easy. You have to pass through a few of steep ways. Here, Your hardwork and teamwork are being tested 😂😜

Well, that's all from me. Good luck!

-Dean, an amateur climber

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