Viking Cat

at Son, 20km South of Oslo

Suddenly and unprepared, i got into this REFNES GODS hotel, 1 h south of Oslo, along Oslo Fjord

Affordable hotel, full of authentic Edvard Munch artworks!

Authentic Edvard Munch selfportrait

Another authentic Edvard Munch selfportrait

Another authentic Edvard Munch selfportrait!

Another Edvard Munch Lady in Blue

Enjoying coffee for €2 in a room with 10 authentic Munch paintings where the best seats are on a vinyl floor

Also in the hotel, no Edvard Munch but it looks like Munch’s famous Madonna. An ignorant ran away with it some years ago and got caught before getting of the parking

The real Madonna, stolen from National Museum Oslo in 2004 and recovered 2 years later, property of Edvard Blitz, is estimated €20m. 3 guys, trying to sell the painting, got 4 to 8 prison

Skrik, Munch’s most famous painting. A self portrait. Pic from Wikipedia

Munch, born 12/12/1864, raised up poor and traumatic. Went to Paris where he met Van Gogh and Gaugin. Back in Oslo, after finishing an affair with a married woman and a walk through the park, he painted this ‘Skrik’ There are 4. A selfportrait. Though most think the figure on the painting shouts, it is claimed that it is the background shouting. Instead of calling the painting ‘the long shout’ or ‘de schreeuw’ it should be called ‘Skrik’ or ‘Fear’