and the rain came down

My vote was to cancel the day and go back to a warm dry hotel room. But..... I was out voted and I didn't immediately smile!

What a difference a day makes..... sunshine and hills...

Back to Kuyshu, after a week or so on Amakusa and Hinoshima Islands. Kuyshu, beautiful but challenging - back to hills with few friendly tunnels to help us out. Our first ride after taking the ferry back to the big island was to Mt Unzen..... which finished with a challenging 13 kms uphill before it levelled off slightly for the last kick into town The onsen and sauna were really appreciated when we made it to the hotel where we had a rest day after 6 days on the road

Mt. Unzen's hot springs - also known as Unzen Hells. The area has a long Buddhist history dating back to the 700s. The steam and bubbling waters rrpresent the 84,000 sufferings. We definitely suffered to make it here.

And then the stillness of the forest

From Unzen we rode to Nagasaki, another challenging day......64 KMs, - 1026 mtrs ascent with 1700 mtrs of descent. I still have to steel myself for the descents! It was good to visit Nagasaki, it has an interesting history before WW2 as it was the gateway for Western influence and christianity from the 1600s. The Peace Park and Museum were very sobering and well worth the time spent there

Down, down and down it went.

On the road again after 3 sunny days in Nahasaki.

The bridge we crossed towards the end of a wer5day

Warm and dry.

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  • tiger777

    whoo hoo, great to see your fabbo adventures xx


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