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It's a Space for concerts, exhibitions, performances, ballet, shows in the center of Turin. In the South area it's also a hub for collaborative creativity and a new ideas incubator focused on start-ups, creative industries and smart data. by OGR site

Until 24th June 2018 there is the temporary exhibition called 'Social Facts'  of the artist Susan Hiller. She is one of the most influential artists of her generation.[...] She is fascinated by how technology affects our perception of the world and how much the Internet is today a gigantic global repository of tales, stories and confessions.

At OGR, Hiller offers an immersive experience that centres around a new project entitled Illuminazioni(Illuminations, 2018), a 30-minute videoprojection featuring the voices of individuals describing experiences of mysterious and unexplained luminous phenomena. by OGR site

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