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Rousham House

We first visited Rousham House a couple of years ago in spring and returned recently to see the grounds sprinkled with primroses, primula and daffodils again...

The grounds are beautiful with winding paths, a hedge you can walk through, beautiful water features and a huge veranda...

Mr Tumnus himself lives here, overlooking a serene pool...

The house itself can be toured too, although for that you need to book in advance and we haven’t been inside. We’re planning to go back in the summer with a picnic and sit by the river that runs through the grounds... who knows, we may even catch a glimpse of Aslan...

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  • trr

    Captavating tradition in history really beautiful✌️🙌

  • charissharpe

    @trr it is such a beautiful place

  • songchanni

    So amazingly beautiful! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • charissharpe

    @songchanni it is such a lovely place Cindy, almost enchanting 💚

  • songchanni

    @charissharpe really wanna go there! I love UK. Xx from Indonesia 💚💚💚 so lovely place and wanna go there

  • juliamsummer

    A wonderful place. And so well captured. ✨👌


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