Tiny little friends

The Hedgehog family

This is our hedgehog family. They are very special to us because hedgehogs are different than other pets. Hedgehogs don’t like to be bother if they’re sleeping, that makes them get mad and try to bite sometimes. Better do not disturb. Their names are Totoro (male, coffee and white), Chihiro (female, mostly white) and Satsuky (female, the little one).

Totoro, the father.. very curious and sleepyhead...

Satsuky’s way....

Sometimes a little grumpy. If she gets angry she becomes a ball, so you better not make her getting mad...

Totoro likes to play among pillows and with its little pineaple house... He’s warm inside... that’s the reason he likes being there a lot.

Chihiro, the mother.

Satsuky, the little one.

A very happy tiny family... we love them so much, they make us happy and fill our days with joy.

It has been nice to share with you a little about our tiny pets... The hedgehog family.

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